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Mohamed, he’s our president. He has a PhD, so he prefers being called “doctor”, which no one does except his alma mater (University of Saint Thomas) when they need money (please give generously doctor). He knows a lot of stuff, some of it useful, like growing good food indoors. He was a founder and one of the brains behind Living Greens, a $20 million vertical farm in Minnesota.


Joe, our farm manager. He’s passionate about many things, provided they have something to do with food, like; mushrooms, brewing beer, cooking, raising livestock and catching livestock with his hawk. He was raised on a farm, so he knows a little about a lot of things, most of them useful.

Courtney, mycologist, actually started life as a lump on a log. He was raised by mycorrhizal fungi (talk about a symbiotic relationship) and has fruited into a fine man. At age 26, due to his upbringing, he is the grizzled veteran on the team. More about Courtney and mycology here.

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