Mohamed, he’s our president. He has a PhD, so he prefers being called “doctor”, which no one does except his alma mater (University of Saint Thomas) when they need money (please give generously doctor). He knows a lot of stuff, some of it useful, like growing good food indoors. He was a founder and one of the brains behind Living Greens, a $20 million vertical farm in Minnesota.


Joe, our farm manager. He’s passionate about many things, provided they have something to do with food, like; mushrooms, brewing beer, cooking, raising livestock and catching livestock with his hawk. He was raised on a farm, so he knows a little about a lot of things, most of them useful.

Miel, food safety manager. She’s been all over the western hemisphere growing food. At New Hope Farmacy, Miel is the judge, jury and jailer on all matters of food safety procedures and protocol. Go ahead, make her day: try entering one of our growing areas without wearing a hairnet.


Courtney, mycologist #1, actually started life as a lump on a log. He was raised by mycorrhizal fungi (talk about a symbiotic relationship) and has fruited into a fine man. At age 25, due to his upbringing, he is the grizzled veteran on the team. More about Courtney and mycology here.

Pete, mycologist #2, also known as "The Engineer".  He knows everything about our equipment: from boiler to autoclave to grow rooms. Due to his indispensable knowledge, Pete is obligated to wear a global positioning device that prevents him from traveling more than 50 miles from the farm.