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Grain Spawn

Grain Spawn

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Supplying grain spawn for mushroom cultivators  is our core business. You choose from more than 20 strains and species or request a custom blend.


Our spawn is made from an organic blend of sorghum and gypsum that is sterilized in a high temp/high pressure autoclave. The 6 pounds of organic grain spawn is contained in a zipper polypropylene bag (Sac 02™).

The large batch production helps growers focus on fruiting the mushrooms.  


All grain spawn is G1. To ensure a strong and vigorous strain, we do not expand beyond G1. As a result, our spawn will colonize faster, grow healthier mycelium and produce more robust fruit.


Inoculate your choice of substrate with our grain spawn and you are ready to grow.


For orders of ten or more, call (612) 405-3425.


  • Available Spawn

     Beefsteak Grain Spawn
     Black Pearl King Oyster Grain Spawn
     Black Poplar Grain Spawn
     8801 Blue Oyster Grain Spawn
     Blue Oyster Grain Spawn
     Brown Oyster Grain Spawn
     Elm Oyster Grain Spawn
     Enoki Grain Spawn
     Golden Oyster Grain Spawn
     King Oyster Grain Spawn
     Lions Mane Grain Spawn
     Maitake Grain Spawn
     Nameko Grain Spawn
     Plurotus Nebrodensis Grain Spawn
     Reishi Senso Stricto Grain Spawn
     Reishi Sicile Grain Spawn
     Shiitake Grain Spawn
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