Grow Block

Grow Block


Grow your own mushrooms, it's easy!


Our organic 6-pound grow kits are fully colonized blocks of sterilized substrate & grain spawn. They are ready to bear fruit. 


Place the grow kit in the most humid area of your home (kitchen counter or window is good). Using a sharp knife, make a shallow 3-5 inch "X" cut through the plastic (not too deep or the mycelium may be damaged).


To retain moisture and ensure robust mushrooms, mist the "X" mark 2-3 times per day. The block will produce 1.5 to 2 lbs of mushrooms in 1-2 weeks.


Call (612) 405-3425 for discounted prices on orders of 25 blocks or more.


Orders ship via 2-day USPS.




  • Available Grow Kits

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     Black Pearl King Oyster Grow Kit
     Black Poplar Grow Kit
     8801 Blue Oyster Grow Kit
     Blue Oyster Grow Kit
     Brown Oyster Grow Kit
     Elm Oyster Grow Kit
     Enoki Grow Kit
     Golden Oyster Grow Kit
     King Oyster Grow Kit
     Lions Mane Grow Kit
     Maitake Grow Kit
     Nameko Grow Kit
     Plurotus Nebrodensis Grow Kit
     Reishi Senso Stricto Grow Kit
     Reishi Sicile Grow Kit
          Black Reishi Grow Kit
          Yellow Reishi Grow Kit
     Shiitake Grow Kit